About The Circular Economy

In the circular economy, companies are focused on growing WITHOUT relying on extracting and consuming Earth’s resources, WITHOUT squandering energy, WITHOUT generating a steady stream of products that end up in landfills or damage in other ways the environment.

Precious Sources of Information

While some elements of the Circular Economy are well known to all of us (like recycling), others are not as widely socialised. This is why I am so passionate about having an entire section on my website. The more we spread the knowledge, the faster these principles will get traction across industries and countries. Here are some great sources of information for learning more about a more rational use of resources as a logical response to the current linear model shortcomings, with its ‘take-make-dispose’ focus.

Tangible Outputs

The concept of circularity has to drive industrial innovations and value creation for the 21st century global economy

The pressure on resource productivity is reaching a breaking point. A number of enablers are now also creating unique opportunities to adopt more resource-efficient approaches to value creation. The need for action AND the ability to act have never been better aligned.

“I believe this to be one of the GREATEST opportunities of our time, and urge you to play your part in making it a reality”

Ellen MacArthur

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