Ep. #9: Succeeding As A Team

Team success: Every “game” has its own rules and its own definition of what it means to win. Have you defined your scorecard? Tune in to set your team up for…

Ep. #8: How do you measure Success

What does success look like for you? How do you measure success? how do you know if you are successful or not. These and other questions I will answer in this…

Ep. #7: Live By Your Values

Are you living by your values? What are Your values? Are you aware of them? This episode is about helping YOU identify your values and set value-led goals.

Ep. #5: The Power of Journaling

Do you clean your kitchen counter every day? (that is if you use it of course 🙂 ). Like we do a quick cleaning there, the same applies to our thoughts.…

Ep. #4: Embrace Your Creativity

I am not creative” doesn’t work: there’s not such a thing as creative or non-creative people. We are all born with a brain that allows us to find different solutions for…

Ep. #1: Shall You Quit Your Job?

So often I hear people being unhappy in their job and I’ve been there before to. In this episode I’m going to share with you what I have learned about what…

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