Ep.#43: The Outcome of the Meeting

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Ep.#43: The Outcome of the Meeting

In this week’s episode I talk about 6 types of outcome that I believe are good reasons to have meetings.

Spoiler: A meeting should rarely be held simply to inform participants or stakeholders. 

The exception to this practice is when the information is highly sensitive or complex, or stakeholder buy-in is needed. 

Meetings primarily centered on information sharing should be replaced by an email or memo. 

Join me in this conversation as I distill the 6 main types of outcomes that justify booking time for people to sit together and what you want to define ahead of time:

  • The subject of the meeting as part of the invitation you send out
  • The structure of the meeting
  • The role of each participant
  • Who should attend.
  • Who should not attend.

Be the challenger that your organisation is waiting for and disrupt how meetings are run and help make organisations more efficient and more fun!

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