Ep.#48: The Power of Decisions

Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Ep.#48: The Power of Decisions

Decisions – should we take a lot of them and train the muscle ? Or should we limit the number of decision and avoiding decision fatigue ? 

My question is why do we get fatigued in the first place ? 

Decisions are the ultimate power we have in our lives and that is a blessing and a curse: Afraid that things are not going to turn out how we thought can paralizes us and make us avoid taking the decision, procrastinating and lingering in doubt We can create the lives we want by be intentional and deliberate about who we want to be and what live we want to live – we don’t need to live out of the decisions we have made in the past.

Tune in to think through this important aspect of our human life with me, and let me help you equip you with questions that can lighten up the whole decision process!

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