Ep. #5: The Power of Journaling

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Ep. #5: The Power of Journaling

I have started journaling in the beginning of 2019 prompted by my then coach and I have not stopped every since.

In this episode I share with you why I do it and how I do it. The results are really astonishing for me.

My current coach describes this activity like ‘cleaning your kitchen counter’: if you use your kitchen, you probably do a quick cleaning every day. Journaling is like that for your brain: it allows you to download what is that is occupying your mind and the results are of feeling less overwhelmed and also some things related to your thought won’t look any longer as big and scary as they did before journaling.

I am a big advocate for going slow to go fast. So if your excuse is that you don’t have time, then it is exactly why you should start.

Journaling was life-changing for me because it allowed me to slow down and have a look at what was going on in my thoughts.

I somehow grew up with the idea that I could pick the thoughts that were more interesting to me, and disregard the ones that were not so interesting. And so, the result of this disregarding, is that I got into the habit of pushing away thoughts that I did not like: pretending they were not there and/or expecting that they would just disappear by ignoring them. But the reality is that they don’t disappear: the opposite is true.

Journaling is about writing down your thoughts, which means that you really need to intentionally pay attention to them and write them down. No editing and no judgement is involved here. It is just for yourself.

I hope this episode inspires you give a try to this practice and make it into a healthy habit!


P.S. The journaling practice is part of my Morning Routine Resource, which you can access here!

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