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My name is Chiara Covone and I am an Executive & Innovation Coach, with a strong track record in helping my clients achieve their goals, succeeding at work and in life.

I have learned so much in over 20 years working for large corporations, across a variety of cultures and industries. And for the past few years I have dedicated more and more time to helping other discover how powerful they are and live a life that is full of joy and fulfillment.

I am eager to help YOU achieve massive results.

My Purpose

Be an example of what is possible.

Guide Professionals overcoming their limiting, let go of ‘busy’ as a status symbol and to turn Dreams into Real Life.

My Values





Personal Development

My Story


Do you find yourself thinking…

➡️ You invest all this time and effort on your job, and yet your to-do list 📜 is not getting any shorter

➡️ You keep pushing deadlines forward, as there are always unexpected tasks and activities that require your attention🔥

➡️ ‘Why does this happen to me? maybe I should just give up setting deadlines that I cannot meet?!’ 😵

It’s frustrating, right⁉️

I hear you… I have been down that road myself too… and, THANKFULLY, I am here to help YOU change this pattern and finally achieve the results you want!

In my over 20 years of professional experience, I have nurtured my passion for Marketing, Innovation and People. I have had incredible teachers and mentors, that have helped get where I am today.

I am proud of my achievements and of my own growth and development.

And I am now even more proud to help people like you express their true and full potential.

Join me in challenge the status quo and reinvent how we can

👣 lead effectively,

💪 work more productively,

✨ leverage our influence to leave a lasting impact in this amazing world.

✅ This is what you can expect from me:

👉 Get clarity

👉 Never get stuck again

👉 Be the master of your own time and destiny

👉 Achieve the results you want

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