Individual COACHING

Learn new ways to respond. Develop your emotional intelligence. Express your full potential.

group coaching

Make your team become greater than the sum of its parts and grow into an exceptional performing team.

Services Provided

Individual coaching

Coaching is probably the most individually tailored practices in personal development. It involves a confidential relationship between you and your coach. As an executive coach I provide a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment in which to offer support for you as an individual. I help leaders understand their current competencies, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals and an appropriate action plan to reach those goals.

team coaching

Successful group work is the best tool to extract the wisdom of the group. Group coaching is about identifying what transformation & change we are aiming to achieve and take ownership to co-create the experience.

On the way, micro-transformations will occur at individual level too, which are going to contribute to the success of the program.


Attending a two-days training program will not dramatically affects your behaviour. Evidence shows that it takes around 21 days to adopt a new behaviour. For true, lasting development to take place we want to consider 4 different elements.

  • Knowledge – understand concepts intellectually         
  • Attitude – be aware of existing beliefs that fuel or hold you back 
  • Skills – practise the knowledge to become your asset
  • Habits – Change the way you act by accessing your new skills and fuelled by beliefs that serve you

This is what my courses will provide you for sustainable and lasting change.

Specialty areas

Time Management

The key to managing your time is managing your mind. You think you need to manage you calendar better, but I will guide you to start managing your mind better. When you become aware of what you are able to produce in a 24-hour period, you will start to understand the power that you have. You are incredibly powerful and you can achieve way more in the time you have than you are currently realising.

Empowered You

Whatever other people say, you can listen to them but the powerful thing is that you don't have to believe them. Nobody can get into your brain and tell you what you can or can't believe. That is the most powerful thing you will come to realise. I want to help you think in bigger ways, to help you believe in yourself, in your capacity and your capability, and to believe things that feel good and serve you.

Get It Done!

I get a lot done. And the reason is that I learned how to be very productive, manage my mind and my time. When we are confused and distracted it is much harder to achieve our goals than when you are focused and determined. I help you get in the zone and be inspired to make your goals become reality

Exceptional Working Team

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Get access to the content and digest it and apply it to your earliest convenience. My course have hands on proven content with worksheets for you to start applying right away what you learn intellectually. Access the library and select the course that best fits your needs.

common questions

Coaching is about investing time and focus in yourself. It all starts with increasing your awareness of yourself, of your strength and of how powerful you are.

The coach is a facilitator of your growth, somebody you build a trusting relationship with, somebody that will encourage you and challenge you to face your doubts and fears, and grow into the next version of yourself.

The length of the sessions depends on the program we have agreed together. For 1:1 coaching generally the coaching sessions are 1h each. Depending on your specific needs we can also arrange 20min sessions. 

For Group & Team coaching the session last typically one hour each..

I believe that practice makes perfection and the only way to really achieve change is repetition.

I typically give ‘homework’ to my clients – these are 10 min activities to do on a daily basis and it can also be that I send you a worksheet to complete ahead of the session.

You also can reach me via WhatsApp messages and email in between session if you want to share a success and/or if you have any question or anything you want to discuss with me.

Weekly meetings are advised particularly in the beginning. The pace can then be adjusted every 2 weeks. With clients I have been working on over a year together, the frequency is now every 3-4 weeks. 

The pace can be adjusted according to both your needs and your availability but it is important to keep the meeting at regular intervals – particularly for the first program – so we keep momentum.

Confidentiality is a given, as long as it does not go against the law.

The Client and the Coach aim at being as honest as possible with each other and what is discussed between the parties will be kept confidential.

I works according to the ethic and confidentiality guidelines from the International Coach Federation. You can read more about it here: www.icfsverige.se.

The chemistry session can be booked here.

For the following sessions, you will agree directly with the coach the date and time of your next meeting.

If you need to reschedule, this needs to happen at least 24 hours in advance and can be done via email.

The cost of coaching is dependent on the program you sign up with – individual or group. Book a complementary chemistry session and find out more.

Investing in coaching is investing in yourself, in your growth and your opportunities.

The question is not ‘what is the cost of coaching?’ 

The question I would like you to ask yourself is ‘what is the cost of not engaging in a coaching program today?’. Because what you think you are saving goes at the expense of your wellbeing, your personal satisfaction and expressing your full potential both at work and in life.

For Coaching to be effective the requirement is that you as a client are motivated. When the motivation is there, the achievement of the agreed results is quite inevitable. 

It is enough with us understanding the current situation – the object of our attention – look for solutions that serve you better and commit to staying focused on your goal, and persevere and overcome the obstacles you will encounter on the way. 

Individual 1:1 programs includes 6 sessions @ 1 hour each. These are usually covered and completed within a three months period. 

In between the coaching session you will also have the possibility to do daily / weekly assignments for you to continue the work on your own if this fits you.

The meetings are held virtually with video. 

You will get a link from you coach for a zoom video meeting. If Zoom does not work for you/your company, we will agree on the right alternative (e.g. Microsoft Team / Google Hangout / FaceTime etc.)

Being able for you to watch the coaching session again is very powerful and the coach will check with you if you are ok with recording.

You can decide at the beginning of each session if you agree for the session to be recorded and the resulting recording will only be used you to increase your learning and by the coach for quality control reason

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