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Chiara’s voice is strong and fearless. Her strength and compassion has inspired me deeply. Chiara is simply an outstanding example of women in the workplace. She brings professionalism, a warm and energic style, and sharp thinking in spades to the table. A woman who loves to learn, a woman who thinks strategically, and a person who gets the results – a powerful combination!

Adrienne Liebenberg

Founder at NotForgotten

Chiara and I spent many years working together. Through her solid insights generation practice, she was instrumental in the development of IQOS, which is today a multi-billion dollar product business. Chiara is structured and organised and loves getting things done. Chiara likes to challenge the status quo and always strives for growth. She is a great person to have around and a powerful source of inspiration.

Fredrik Ståhle

Founder at FS International

Chiara has a strong business acumen and has an amazing and contagious energy. She is great in helping you think and find the answers within you. Working with Chiara is a real pleasure!

Massimo Falcioni

CEO Etihad Credit Insurance


Personal Growth

There cannot be any creativity and innovation without vulnerability. This is why I start from you & me: to understand what makes us click and practice how to embrace change


Team Development

The linear take-make-waste model can be challenged in favour of a regenerative model.  It's about designing solutions and business models based on products that stay longer in use, for a positive effect on the resource usage.

Innovation Coaching

We are all creative: we all complete acts of creation every day of our lives. Add some discipline and you are an innovator!

Welcome to Innovation Made Easy!



Until 2 years ago I was living with a scarcity mindset: I was demanding a lot from myself, expecting to be the perfect mom & wife 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 , while also being a successful senior professional 👩🏽‍🏫 .

I was spending my weeks working away from my family, and coming back to an exhausted husband.

I was feeling guilty and never present enough.

I was down and blue from the pressure of achieving “work-life balance.”  

Then, I got myself a coach, and a whole new world 🌎  opened in front of my eyes 👀 .

👉  I understood how my brain works

👉  I understood that I was focusing on things I could not influence

👉  I understood that perfectionism and blame was holding me back

But I did not stop there. 

My coach was good, but the methods were not as effective for me as I wanted them to be. 

❌  I was not seeing the transformation in my thinking that I needed. 

So I started studying and exploring and testing different methods of coaching on myself, until I found something that blew my own mind!

I developed a system to achieve rapid stress reduction, measurable results and sustainable change.

And now I want everyone in the world to know about it and benefit from it! 

And this is why I am here: I want to offer this to YOU.

My approach is about working on your underlying operating system:

💭 your thoughts 

🙏 your beliefs

💙 your feelings 

🚶‍♀️ your actions

★ HERE is where the big returns are. And that is where my focus is. ★ 

The results you can expect are

✅  reduce stress, 

✅  become more productive

✅  achieve sustainable change

I work with you on one-to-one or group coaching, plus worksheets with daily practices so you can learn to self-coach yourself, to never feel out of power and control again.

✨ You and I both know that in a year from now you will certainly arrive 🛣  …

The question is ‘WHERE’?

That is up to you to decide right now. ✨

What are you waiting for? Request a consultation with me:

📆  https://calendly.com/chiara-covone/30min

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