Ep.#39: Reacting vs. Responding

Reacting are on impulse. Responding is more thoughtful and focuses on the result. Tune into this episode to discuss with me the difference between these two ways of showing up in…

Ep.#37: The Power of Intuition

In many cultures, we are tought to believe that rationality is what we should tap into when we are making decisions about anything that is of high importance: like business decision,…

Ep.#36: Other People’s Approval

Let's talk about people pleasing and seeking other people‘s approval. This is a very natural behavior and it comes from our instinct for survival: being part of a group increased our…

Ep.#35: Stop Multitasking

There's not a real way to multitask. We can't do two things at once, so multitasking really means we keep shifting from one activity to another. What this doesn't take into…

Ep.#34: Motivation vs. Inspiration

Motivation vs. Inspiration: sometimes we mix up these two terms while they are very complementary and different from each other. Motivation comes from an external pull factor; inspiration comes from within,…

Ep.#33: The Power of Rituals

In a world where so much is out of our control, commiting to a practice that works for us is a way to establish and remind ourselves of our own power…

Ep.#32: Compelling Reason

Sometimes, we are choosing our goals for the wrong reasons and I am here to remind you that you don't need permission to dream whatever you like. Don't go after the…

Ep.#31: Celebrate Your Year

As we are closing this year, what best time to reflect back and review your year to ask yourself what you have accomplishedand what you’ve learned; and help you decide what…

Ep.#30: Emotional Balance

Emotions are part of the human experience. The contrast of positive and negative emotions makes all emotions possible. Learn to identify them with me.

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