Ep.#43: The Outcome of the Meeting

In this week’s episode I talk about 6 types of outcome that I believe are good reasons to have meetings. Spoiler: A meeting should rarely be held simply to inform participants…

Ep.#42: The Obstacles with Journaling

I have spoken about journaling before on this podcast… I am big supporter of this daily activity because that was the first activity I have introduced in my life when I…

Ep.#41: Clear the SMOG

SMOG = Should – Must – Ought to – Got to  Do you find yourself using those terms automatically and unconsciously a lot?  Do you hear yourself saying sentences like “I…

Ep.#40: The Skill of Listening

Do you listen to respond or do you listen to understand? This question inspired by the book of Steven Covey is something I ask myself often. It takes time and commitment…

Ep.#39: Reacting vs. Responding

Reacting are on impulse. Responding is more thoughtful and focuses on the result. Tune into this episode to discuss with me the difference between these two ways of showing up in…

Ep.#37: The Power of Intuition

In many cultures, we are tought to believe that rationality is what we should tap into when we are making decisions about anything that is of high importance: like business decision,…

Ep.#36: Other People’s Approval

Let's talk about people pleasing and seeking other people‘s approval. This is a very natural behavior and it comes from our instinct for survival: being part of a group increased our…

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