I am a Senior Leader in Innovation Management, Customer Insights & Market Development. I speak 5 languages and lived in 4 different countries across Europe. I am passionate about understanding people and serving them with product and solutions that enhance their lives. I love art, being active and spending quality time with my family and friends. I am a proud mom of twins and a lucky wife of an awesome Swedish man.

How To Lead Right Now, During The Crisis

We are in the midst of this crazy disruption in the marketplace right now.
Some leaders are coming out as idols while others are being overwhelmed by stress and by the responsibility they are called to take on.

Be The Manager You Wish You Had

Managing people is among the toughest task for a manager. But, with the right tools, it can be the most rewarding of the roles. Even when you have to face the tough conversations!

4 Steps To Change

Change can only happen if really want it and we plan for it. Our brains are lazy and will bring us back to their known path. Join me as I explore ways to override our programs and make change happen.

Covid-19 Crisis – No Time For Climate Change?

The COVID19 crisis is giving us a short term relief with lowered emissions across Europe and around the world. But these reductions are temporary – and now is not the time to put green energy research and climate policy on lockdown.

Next Meeting In 15′! What’s At Stake For You?

Most meetings are dull, boring and ineffective. Meetings are seen as the single most significant cause of workplace time-drains. But it does not have to be that way. Meetings can be engaging and efficient. Let me share my perspective.

Rediscover What Matters

As the Coronavirus has become the biggest story in the world and the crisis is unfolding, impacting all our lives in so many ways, it is a great opportunity to think about how to transition to working remotely and use it to reflect.

How does Recycling work?

Disposing of your plastic packaging in the recycling bin is not the end of the story. The current system relies on sending much of the material abroad for processing, including to countries that don’t have the facility nor the controls to deal with the world waste adequately. Challenge the need for packaging: recycle has to be the last option, after elimination and reuse.


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