Ep#29: Transform the Obstacles in Strategy

When you are clear on the commitment towards your goal, then something magical happens. Overcome the obstacles to develop new capabilities. Which ultimately will translate into your new confidence.

Ep.#28: Setting Goals

Why setting goals in our lives is so important and what does it take to turn those goals into reality. I believe that goal setting is the most deep practice we…

Ep.#27: Ambition

Ambition is a fuel for growth. Ask yourself the question and explore the answer in the different parts of your life. Do you like your answer? Tune it to reflect with…

Ep.#25: How to disagree with someone

Can you have a conversation with a colleague / a friend / family member, and completely disagree with them without getting mad? Do you feel like you need to make the…

Ep.#24: Your Brain is a Time Machine

Being present in the moment and practicing mindfulness has been transformational for me and for my clients. Tune in as I explain why being present in the now and here is…

Ep.#22: Find Your ‘How’

Do you find yourself saying 'I would love to, but I don't know how'? And waiting and hoping and some guru would turn up and tell you exactly how to do…

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