Ep.#19: Embracing Fear For Growth

Fear is an emotion that is responsible for most of the things we DON'T do in our lives. Back in the day, fear helped us stay save and alive, and helped…

Ep.#18: Purpose Is Your Fuel

Purpose can turn up in different parts of your life. You will have a moment, an epiphany, something dramatic that happens and all of the energy inside you wells up. It…

Ep. #17: A Challenging Relationship

There are 4 different types of behaviours in challenging relationships, and I explain how you can handle them for a win-win result. Tune in for some powerful step-by-step techniques you can…

Ep.#15: Do Dates and Calendar Blocks

Naturally, we have an inborn resistance to deliberately manage our time. We believe that spontaneity, and being able to react and not have plans somehow creates a more free life. This…

Ep. #13: Why Giving Advice Is Overrated

Picture this one scenario: You’re going through a difficult time at work; you reach out to friends and loved ones for help and support. Their response is overwhelming! You receive an…

Ep.#12: A Good Day At Work

Do you want more good days at work? it is possible. What makes a good day at work? it is about working on something meaningful and having the feeling of making…

Ep.#10: Leaders & Managers

The difference between managers and leaders lies in the conceptions they hold of chaos and order. I discuss why and other differences between the two.

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