Ep.#14 : Conversation With Allan Langer

Allan and I met virtually in a very active and vibrant LinkedIn Group and I reached out to him since I noticed he was a fellow podcaster as well as had a really interesting background in Sales Thought Leadership.

So we quickly decided we would get together and record a conversation that would inspire both mine and his audience.

The result is a great conversation around achieve more with less.

Allan has 27 years of experience in Sales and is the author of the best-selling book 📚 “The 7 Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less


We talk about how we are actually selling all the time and yet we would not label all our activities as selling. If you go into any conversation worried about yourself, your outcome will always be mediocre. Instead if you are focusing on the person you are serving and focus on ‘what’s in it for them (WIIFT) then the result can really be surprising.

When you sell, make the clients / the customer evoke the feeling and the emotions they will have when owning the product and service that you are serving them with. Do the effort of visualising that emotion with your senses and make an effort to elicit that emotion with your language.

What you are choosing to think has a huge responsibility in the results you are getting and this is the power you have that often times we forget about. Paying attention to our thoughts and knowing that we can change our results if and when we purposely pay attention to our thinking is a very powerful awareness exercise that I would encourage you to practice.

Stop being trapped by your to-do list

When you don’t have pressing deadlines with somebody holding us accountable for our deliverables, despite us writing to-do-lists, we often times tend to be pretty sloppy at keeping us focused and get things time within a specific amount of time. So my method (which I did not invent!) is to

  • Decide ahead of time how much time you want to dedicate for the specific activity,
  • Block that time in your calendar
  • When the time comes, be laser focused – stop any distraction like you were at an exam – and get it done

I talk about the push back I get from people that want to argue with me about the fact that they don’t know how long it is going to take. I also highlight the fact that you don’t want to aim for perfection : perfection is a way to procrastinate. Aim for a B- and not for an A+.

If you have extra time you can go back and refine. But for the first draft you got to aim at B-

Allan shares his store how he decided to write his book and he did so by taking time off his job.

In 4 months the book was completed AND he did sell more than he did the year before – amazing isn’t it?

This is the power of commitment and determination, and how your mindset can really determine your outcome.

My take aways from his story are:

  • Trust your brain and let it work for you.
  • Value-driven go will win against any other goal 100 times!
  • If you work on your beliefs, the universe is going to help you get there…

… so powerful…

I leave you with these questions:

  • What legacy do you want to leave?
  • What dreams do you have for yourself?
  • What excuses are you finding to not believe you can make those ideas come true?

All right, thank you for tuning in this week.

Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you next Wednesday!


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