Ep.#16: Appointment with the CEO of your Life

Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Ep.#16: Appointment with the CEO of your Life

This week I want to talk to you about a concept, a tool that I use with myself on a regular basis, and that you can also use for yourself. It is about thinking about ourselves in a different way and start honouring your own plans. 

Aand I want to talk about this concept with you because you can utilise it for anything in your life. It is a mental tool that I use it with planning, but you can introduce it with anything in your life.

A minimum baseline is the least amount of anything that you are willing to do. 

Some examples: what is the minimum in terms of outfit you want to wear to leave the house, or go to work, or go to a public place. 

when you don’t have a minimum baseline for something that you want to start doing, we create a minimum baseline. 

So for example, if you never exercised, you can create a minimum for yourself that is ridiculously easy so you can start incorporating that minimum into your life. 

So as someone who doesn’t exercise, they can start thinking about themselves as an exerciser on the day that they do exercise – even if it’s just for five minutes only.

When you approach exercising or planning from the action perspective, pushing on your willpower, without really understanding what’s going on in the mind first, you have a higher chance of giving up.

Here we are working at the thought level and change completely the perspective of what you are aiming at and why you are doing it.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to completely transform your relationship with yourself to learn how to follow through with any commitment to yourself, no matter what. 

Tune in as and get ready to take notes as I walk you through the steps you can take to started with it today!

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