Ep#29: Transform the Obstacles in Strategy

Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Ep#29: Transform the Obstacles in Strategy

People that are successful in achieving their goals are the people that are willing to feel negative emotions, that are willing to walk into discouragement, into vulnerability, to walk into fear. 

They are the people that keep moving and that resist the temptation to quit. 

Most people wish the obstacles to quickly go away and the greatest breakthrough people make in life actually comes when you are faced with an obstacle: then you have to become more creative and you leverage your courage to develop some higher capabilities.

Tune in as i discuss the importance of obstacles for our growth and how the tension between the goal and the obstacles is the fuel to bigger and more important achievements: who you get to become in the process of evolving.

What I will cover:

  • None of the obstacles between you and your goal have any power unless you give them power with your mind.
  • An obstacle is ‘something’ that makes it difficult to do something else: an object that you have to go around or over; something that blocks your path.
  • An obstacle only becomes one when we think about it in a certain way.
  • Avoidance of obstacles are the reason of your suffering, i.e. for not achieving what you want
  • Be willing to fail and try again again, and take more action, and learn what works until you overcome the obstacle is what makes you learn a new capability.
  • You have then learned how to transform your obstacle into a strategy to reach your goal

I wish you for you to look at the obstacles in their eyes and embrace the challenge with the ambition to get to the other side of them with new developed capabilities and great confidence!

You can handle it.

– Chiara

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