Ep.#70: Blockchain Unfolded

Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Ep.#70: Blockchain Unfolded

I had the pleasure of having Frank Pagano and Sanaa Voss for this episode today and talk about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

I have learned a lot!

This week I am joined by Frank Pagano and Sanaa Voss to talk about Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies.

Sanaa is a Certified Crypto Finance Expert, on a mission to make the Blockchain and Crypto accessible to all, to help individuals and companies discover where the opportunities lay ahead. Senior executive with a background in Analytics, cross roads of Big Data and Loyalty across several industries.

Frank is Head of Sales at qiibee. With 20 years of Marketing experience in FMCG and Fashion. Started as a Finance Analyst, but when you are young, you always make mistakes. Loves Italian food, and got dragged into a group of crazy dreamers, who opened up a pro bono theatre org in NYC.

What we cover in the episode:

(2:40) Blockchain – overcoming its complexity

(5:17) Blockchain – what is it?

(6:40) The first blockchain network : bitcoin.

(11:50) Ethereum as Operating System.

(16:00) the evolution of value and means to transfer and allocation of value.

(18:25) Blockchain applied to the world of marketing. The case of loyalty programs @ qiibee

(30:00) An approach to getting closer to this technology

(33:25) Cryptocurrency: Small steps to get into it

(35:00) Democratising cryptocurrencies.

(36:50) User cases of blockchain.

(40:00) Proven increased consumer engagement in the world of luxury

(40:55) What is tokenisation?

(43:30) Digitalisation of our ID

(45:45) Where are we in terms of the adoption of the technology globally

(50:40) The resistance of the financial system

(52:30) The volatility of Bitcoin

(56:00) Starbucks Blockchain case

(57:40) The Skepticism towards adoption & the road ahead.


Watch the episode in video format:

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