Ep.#19: Embracing Fear For Growth

Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Innovation Made Easy Podcast
Ep.#19: Embracing Fear For Growth

Fear is an emotion that is responsible for most of the things we DON’T do in our lives.

Back in the day, fear helped us stay safe and alive, and helped us evolve. 

However, in today’s society, there are only few things we generally need to be afraid of, and fear often holds us back and prevents us from taking action and achieve our goals. And grow as human being.

Feeling fear is totally human but we don’t need to accept the default response of our brain every time we do experience fear, which is escape, withdraw or running away.

I would like to offer for you to start listening to your emotions and understand them. Be curious about what you are afraid of and ask yourself what thoughts are causing you to feel fear. 

If you are not experiencing any fear in your life at the moment, it probably means that you are not challenging yourself enough. I would like to challenge you to find things that will make you uncomfortable and let fear come in, so you can train to be courageous to move towards fear and come out on the other side more evolved than you were before.

Tune in and join me as I discuss this fascinating topic.

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